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crossrage whispered: Have you tried the Mass Effect series?

Ah, no I haven’t! I’m not really big on shooting games (and correct me if it’s not a shooting game), but that’s just because I’m inexperienced with them… the only experience I have is with Mirror’s Edge and man did I suck.
Thanks for the rec!

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just fyi, if you sent me a request and i haven’t gotten to it yet, don’t lose hope! i’m on a mission to finish all the requests! 

enddispain whispered: Can you draw Ash from Phantom Brave?

imagei tried c’:

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you guys are killing me with your tags for the Shadow/This Is Gospel piece i did like fffffffffff i can’t stop laughing 

hey guys~! so i know that i haven’t posted on this blog lately (or any of my other blogs tbh) but that’s because i just got a PS3 about a week ago! c:
i love the system a lot but i’m having trouble with deciding on what games to buy… so far i have: FFXIII, Assassin’s Creed II, Heavy Rain, Journey, and Mirror’s Edge. i was wondering if you guys could give me some recommendations?

Throwback to an old idea of mine~